Why What How and Where

Some answers to random questions I thought you may ask -

Q. How are the sites starred?
A. Good question! The starring system is rather personal, depending on how well liked it is at our household. But it also takes into consideration features like the site design, ease of use, safety for unattended children, whether merely entertaining or educational as well, novelty of concepts, range of activities, quality of content etc.

Q. How can I find a site I want?
A. You can check the labels for the kind of site you are looking for - these are according to the age group as well as according to the activities at the websites. Or you could use the index here. Or the archives.

Q. What is your review policy - only websites or groups or themes?
A. Well, I just snuck in that question to tell you that I have so many websites collected that I despair of ever showcasing them all. But I do want to do theme based posts as well, which could be used for teaching purposes. For example, a penguin theme would include links to games, videos, information, printables, activities - whatever I can find about it.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. Apart from the love of writing and the gluttony for information of any kind which I also love to share you mean? Oh, just so that you can have your kids off your hands for a while if you are a parent, and so that you may use stuff for teaching if a teacher. Altruistic enough? :)

Q. Where is the where question?
A. I am wondering that myself. I knew I had one when I wrote the title but I just can't remember it now, all of ten minutes later.