This blog is an updated version of my last one - Hello, net baby! Its name referred to the new generation which is net savvy from infancy, but I found that many sites trashed my comments, possibly objecting to the use of the word 'baby'. Circumstances diverted my attention from blogging to other activities, so when I thought or restarting, I figured I might as well change the name!  So here we are, talking about websites suitable for young children, once again. I welcome the new readers, and apologize to the old ones for this extra long delay.

The reason this blog began its life is this - my baby was - and still is - a very fussy eater. I found that some kind of distraction helped the food to go down.Toys and books became stale after a few times, so I scrounged the net for new websites I could use to entertain, educate or simply divert my little one. It was exciting to discover new sites which could be used successfully, and with time I developed my own criteria for judging these sites. I figured someone else might need them as I did, and find it easier to have all the sites together rather than having to look for them. Hence, blog. I hope that my, ahem, extensive experience will be of some use to you.

I welcome feedback, whether positive or negative, and would be delighted to feature your suggestions or requirements.